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        Company profile

        Shenzhen Hemway Smart Device Co Ltd (Hemway) is a high-tech company with independent IP and independent R&D center, production line, and sales dept. It is China leading intelligent garment ironing equipment supplier, which major product include smart ironing equipment such as ironing table, steam generator, all-in-one ironing units, water soften machine, flatiron, garment dry cleaning equipment, ironing workshop energy-saving overall solution and so on.


        The company headquarter located on Shenzhen, an international metropolis famous on its technology and electric industry. From Shenzhen to Hongkong is only half hour driver. Since 2011, Hemway has focused its R&D on new intelligent ironing equipment, and has developed into a respectful enterprise in the field, and its units has been well sold all around China and worldwide.


        Till now, Hemway has built up domestic sales network with 300 partners, which include authorized dealer, agent and after sales service center. It gradually promote to oversea market including Southeast Asia, South Asia, Europe and so on.


        From the application of flatiron, steam generator, ironing table to ironing units all-in-one machine, it makes worker ironing not only labor-saving and efficient, but also 40% energy saving compared with traditional products, which greatly improves the productivity efficiency and convenience of garment enterprises. The Yunba series intelligent steam generator has got more than 20 national patents. It promotes the development of garment ironing technology on the way to high-efficiency, automation, intelligence, and integration.


        Hemway always adhere to the enterprise spirit of "leading, not follow", constantly improving the product structure, functional upgrades, and improving performance, accelerating the pace of new product development, and taking the road of development of leading intelligence, quality, brand, energy saving, environmental protection, efficiency, and technology. Endogenous driving force for the next stage of industry development.

        Development History

        In 2011        Hemway began to set up a professional technical team to start research and development for new smart ironing equipment.

        In 2015        Hemway established the “ironing equipment department” and developed the first generation of T98 smart electric heating and ironing machine, which won a number of national patents; the company began to take the road of innovation and transform to “China Intelligent Manufacturing”.

        In 2016        the second generation of “YunBa” T98S smart ironing machine was launched,whihc quickly occupied the market with absolute product advantages.

        In 2017        on September 26, 2017, a new generation of “YunBa”T99 smart ironing machine was launched at CISMA (China International Sewing Equipment Exhibition).

        In 2018        full steam  “YunBa” T98V+ smart ironing machine was launched.