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        Some bad habits must be avoided when using ironing equipmentshits [372] publish time :2020-06-13

        As the saying goes, the importance of 30% sewing, 70% ironing, ironing equipment in the garment making process is well known, and the performance 

        of ironing equipment largely determines the effect of apparels. Whether a ironing equipment is easy to use or not? It determinate not only the 

        performance of the equipment itself, but also inseparable from good operation and maintenance habits.

        Incorrect usage habits will not only affect the effect of apparel, but also lead to a shortened final service life of the equipment. What habits 

        that should be avoided during the use of intelligent ironing equipment? Let's take a look!

        1. No daily inspection before starting

        If we do not inspect the pipeline fasteners of equipment before starting on, steam leakage may occur due to loose parts, and the pressure cannot

        meet the requirements.

        Hemway Tip:

        Before each start-up, check the fasteners at the connection points to ensure no loose connection between the parts. If any loose parts are found, 

        they should be reinforced in time.

        2. Turn off the main power immediately after get off work without draining

        In order to hurry leave after work, turn off the main power immediately without draining, which will cause a large amount of calcium carbonate 

        remaining inside the equipment and produce scale.

        Hemway Tip:

        Allow 2-5 minutes for sewage operation before get off work every day, and then turn off the power of the equipment after the sewage is over.

        3. Do not descale on time

        If the water source used by the equipment is unqualified and the scale is not descaled, the scale accumulated inside the equipment will cause 

        slow heating, reduced energy efficiency and increased power consumption.

        Hemway Tip:

        Use Hemway descaling powder to deeply descale the furnace body, water level probe and heating tube of the equipment once a month.


        4. Long-term failure to clean the equipment body and air outlet

        The temperature inside the body of the ironing equipment is always high. If the body of the equipment is covered or the air outlet is blocked 

        by clothing fibers, it may cause the equipment to fail to dissipate heat and cause a safety accident.

        Hemway Tip:

        Clean the device body, cooling fan, and fan filter once a month.

        5. Failure to check the valves and pipelines of the equipment on time

        The valves are important parts to ensure the safety of the equipment. If the valve is not regularly checked and the abnormality is checked, it 

        may cause equipment failure, and it may lead to safety accidents.

        Hemway Tip:

        Clean and check the equipment steam valve, safety valve, solenoid valve, sewage pipeline, etc. once a month.

        6. Improper use of water source

        Water quality is particularly important for boiler ironing equipment. Failure to soften the equipment water in accordance with regulations 

        will result in serious scaling of the furnace body and pipelines, reducing equipment performance.

        Hemway Tip:

        Use Hemway intelligent water softener tailored for boiler ironing, control the quality of water from the source.

        Maintain equipment, start with daily usage habits, and act quickly!