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        Garment factories ready go: Oversea order is coming soonhits [379] publish time :2020-06-01

        On Q1 2020 Covid-19 broke suddenly, many aspects of the domestic textile and apparel industry, such as production, domestic sales and exports, have 

        been seriously affected.The biggest challenges and difficulties faced for them are how long the epidemic situation will last, and when trade flows 

        will return to normal

        With the gradual control of global epidemic situation, many countries start to learn from China experience in resuming work, and plan to release lockdown or 

        resume work from end May or early Jun. The status of order cancellation from retails and brand has gradually improved.


        In the past few weeks, most chinese textile companies have significantly increased its production. At the same time, consumption in East Asian countries began 

        to recover gradually.

        Before the gradual recovery of foreign economic and the export business of apparel begin to stabilize, it is still the biggest challenge that many factories 

        are facing at the present of open source and throttling to allow enterprises to survive.


        In term of open source, some companies began to focus on online market promotion, using live streaming to increase sales, to reduce the lose of offline business 

        due to epidemic.  On term of cost reduction, some companies begun to cost control from production.  

        In helping garment manufacturers reduce costs and increase efficiency, Hemway has spared no effort and always takes energy saving as the core of product development.


        From water softener to steam generator, Ironing unit, Hemway provides  a total solutions of energy-saving ironing workshop, which saves the enterprise a lot of 

        costs from the source.

        After the domestic enterprises have resumed production , many large garment companies have reached an intention with Hemway to start steam energy-saving 

        transformation workshop projects.


        Hemway intelligent water softener 

        The intelligent water soften treatment system adopts imported softened resin, which has high exchange capacity and fast softening rate, while achieving the 

        purpose of saving water and electricity, and can also reduce the loss of the back-end steam equipment pipeline.


        Hemway intelligent steam generator

        Intelligent steam generator series, optional from 5KW to 72KW, the original heating control technology greatly improves the heat conversion efficiency and 

        steam output efficiency, saving energy and reducing consumption. It can be applied tovarious steam usage scenarios to meet the steam needs of 

        all walks of life.


        Hemway intelligent electric boiler

        Yunba series energy saving boiler, pass through test of thousands garment factories around domestic and oversea market,reach over 40% energy saving effects.  

        The fourth-generation products have further optimized equipment performance and equipment ease of use on the basis of energy saving, becoming 

        a veritable helper for ironer. 


        Hemway Ironing Unit

        The global first free combination between iron table and steam generator - Ironing unit, Hemway another innovative ironingproduct. Integrated with iron table, 

        ironing machine, water tank and sewage tank. It can provide one step total solution service of ironing workshop, With the characteristics of 

        convenient installation,high efficiency and energy saving, it is the best choice for enterprises to upgrade to intelligent factories.

        Hemway smart devices work with you to overcome difficulties and win-win cooperation,Welcome to inquire. 

        National Service Hotline 400-882-5552