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        Small factory
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        Small factory use casehits [1051] publish time :2017-06-23

        Company Profile:

        Yiwu Jingtai Garment Co., Ltd., was established in 1993, which has developed into a medium-sized textile and garment manufacturing enterprise with nearly 300 employees and business of exporting products to many countries.


        Main production range: scarves, gloves, hats, clothing, knitted underwear, socks


        Project Background:

        With the development of the company, Jingtai Garment plans to upgrade the production workshop and relocate the workshop to a new address.


        ◇ Relocation of large boilers has high cost.

        ◇The original boiler has large power consumption and water consumption, with has high production costs.

        ◇The ironing shop in the new address has a limited area, which requires a reasonable allocation of the work station to maximize space utilization.



        ◆Using the light weight feature of the T98S equipment, it does not need to use cranes and lots of transporters when transporting, saving the cost of relocation.

        ◆Using the small size and convenient and quick installation features of T98S, it does not need to build a boiler room separately, saving plant space.

        ◆The equipment design uses one dragging one mode, which can be started and stopped at any time, solving the problem of resource waste.

        ◆T98S has low power consumption and consume only 1 kWh per hour, saving nearly 10,000 yuan for one equipment per year ;

        ◆ Support automatic pressurization, automatic water adding, automatic sewage discharge and other functions, reducing equipment failure rate and maintenance cost.

        ◆There are agents all over the country, which supports nearby delivery, short after-sales response time, quick door-to-door installation after arrival, shortening the workshop relocation cycle.


        Customer Benefit:

        Base on the solution provided by Hammingwei Company, Jingtai Garment Company has successfully solved the problems of plant relocation, equipment installation, commissioning and formal production in a short period of time, and achieved good benefits, resulting in the cost of this investment is far less than the expected input.