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        Small factory
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        Capacity Improvement Casehits [573] publish time :2018-12-21


        Company Profile:


        Wenzhou Qiaowang Garment was established in 1990 which, has become a large-scale garment enterprise in the domestic garment industry. It has a modern industrial park of over 15,000 square meters and has an annual production capacity of 500,000 sets of high-grade suits and coats, casual wear, jackets, and other series of products.


        Main production range: men's coats, leisure suits, skirts, washed cotton suits, jackets, cotton jacket, men's and women's professional clothes, men's and women's suits

        Project Background:


        ◇ The demand for business is increasing, and the equipment of ironing workshop can not meet the requirements, which seriously affects the production capacity of the production line;

        ◇The original boiler has high failure rate and high maintenance cost, which is needed to be replaced by new energy-saving equipment;

        ◇The original boiler has a large power consumption, and energy-saving and efficient new environmental protection equipment is the first choice;

        ◇The production schedule of the ironing workshop is compact, and the installation of the equipment should be completed as soon as possible;



        ◆T98S uses steam secondary heating technology,so that the output steam  is dry and the water content is extremely low, which saves drying time after ironing, and ironed goods can be packed directly.

        ◆The equipment can be started in only 5 minutes, which saves nearly 30 minutes compared with the original boiler, saving working hours;

        ◆The equipment supports automatic sewage discharge by one button, which can be can be completed without any person on duty after work, saving maintenance working hours and reducing equipment failure rate;

        ◆The device has a small size, is convenient to carry and install, which saves installation time;

        ◆There are agents all over the country, which supports nearby delivery, short after-sales response time, quick door-to-door installation after arrival, shortening the replacement time of new and old boilers;

        Customer Benefit:


        1. The working hours are saved in each process, so that the overall production capacity is improved. In the ironing process (take the T-shirt as an example), each person processes 90 more pieces per day, ensuring that the ironing shop can quantitatively complete the production.

        2. The power consumption and water consumption of the equipment are saved by more than 60% per month, reducing the production cost significantly.

        3. The start-up time of the ironing equipment is shortened to 5 minutes, saving about 30 minutes per day.

        4. Intelligent working mode with low failure rate, saving the time and labor cost for maintenance of traditional boilers.