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        Hemway service policy:

        Hemway adhering to the "service is satisfied" concept, and follow the "customer satisfaction first" purpose, and constantly improve the quality of customer service. To ensure that all customers using Hemway products receive satisfactory professional services.

        Service tenet: customer satisfaction first

        Service guarantee: strictly abide by the "Three Guarantees" Regulations of the state

        Convenient service: service network covering the whole country

        Customer service: answer customer's inquiries about products and services, accept all product repairs, and resolve customer service complaints

        Customer opinion processing: settling or putting forward a clear solution within 2 working days

        Service quality assurance: a return visit to all installations and maintenance services

        First, service promise: patient, careful, quick action

        Patient: in the service process always maintain patience, do not bother to answer questions, 100 not tire

        Careful: meticulous service for customers, do not miss a problem, do not pass a detail

        Quick action: help the customer to solve the problem at the fastest speed during the service process

        Two, service hotline

        Service hotline: 400-882-5552

        Three, after-sales service content

        1, guide consumers to install and debug products;

        2, according to consumer requirements, the use of technical guidance and other aspects;

        3. Responsible for maintenance service;

        4, the product of "Three Guarantees, the guaranteed repair, replacement and return;"

        5, deal with consumers call, visit, answer consumer advice.